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OWASP Web-Goat Pentest Lab Solution Videos (Hack Training)

Whether you believe or not, but that's true - Every beginner install and create Penetration testing lab but don't know how to hack because the fact is he hasn't learnt everything properly. So today is really something very special for you guys. We've zipped complete WebGoat Pentest lab video tutorials.

{OWASP WebGoat is very powerful and huge Penetration Testing Lab (Vulnerable Web Application) to learn WebApp Hacking. It's really very awesome in it's own structure and features. Click Here to Get One}

Is that true? How you got? Where is it?

Yes! Well, I've got this in OWASP Site. This is really an awesome resource for beginners to learn Hacking + Penetration Testing - With Solutions, and that's fantastic!. You might have read my article on How to Create an Extreme Penetration Testing Lab Using : OWASP WebGoat. (Lot's of readers asked me for solution videos too, so that's the reason I've hunted this.).

We've Hosted it on Google Drive. It's Size is 387 MB (ZIP). It's really very simple to download it. Click Here to Go on Download Page. Learn & Hack.

How to use it? isn't it little messy?

Nope! it's very simple to learn through it, just you'll need a Web-Browser to watch all videos (Video Embed into HTML + SWF). After downloading, Extract ZIP calmly, You'll get a folder named "Viewer" - Go in it - And You'll find index.html (Double Click & Start it in your Favorite browser.)

Next you'll come to see one logo "YGN Ethical Hacker Group" - If you want to read description, then please do nor go on scrolling until you get video tutorial index (Listed with tutorial name and vulnerability).

There will be list like this!

So, assume that you want to learn SQL Injection so click on Injection Flaws, your browser will automatically take you to Injection Flaws Page.

(Remember not to click on DOWNLOAD, because it's already there in your own computer.) Click on View, wait for 3 Second, and your tutorial will be started.