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WordPress Xploiter Released by Team Freak Coderz

WordPress Xploiter is free WordPress Vulnerability Scanner. It is the first version of WordPress Xploiter.
This tool contains 251 WordPress Exploit including latest Exploits Till date 28-5-13
Its the Latest Project by the Team Freak Coderz

Tool Info
Coded by :- Silent Hacker ( Manoj Nath ) And Un_N0n ( GurenderSingh )
Tool Nme :- WordPress Xploiter v1.0

Team Has mentioned that the Exploits ( 237 ) taken from the WP-Scan
You just need to provide the Website Link , First of all it looks for the WP-Version after that scans for the Vulnerable Plugins , If the Plugin found then it also gives the reference Link with it.

[+] Latest 251 Exploits added

Download Below ~