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[J2TeaM] Facebook Information v2.0

Main GUI

Scan information about Personal User

Scan information about Fan Page

Auto detect input is User or Fan Page

Facebook Information <version 2.0>
Home page:

+ Facebook Information is a simple tool for check information about anyone.

+ You just need to enter your username and press Check (Example username: juno_okyo or full URL:
+ Automatically detects the input is Personal user or Fan Page.
+ Scan information from the Facebook Graph server.
+ If you want to export information, press Ctrl+S to save.

Change log v2.0:
+ Added auto focus to Username input at start.
+ Fixed cursor at links label.
+ Optimal for scan speed and generate result.

The software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
License version 2 or later.

Click here to download!
SHA1 Checksum: 3820501e1ad6aed9037d8bb8c4c2bc3ca40ebbfe
Thanks for using!

Coded by Juno_okyo.

* You can get version 1.0 here.