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How Read Barrecode Or Qr Code Without A Scanner

Did you encounter once QR code and want to read it and you do not have a smart phone? Once you need to know numbers bar code, but you do not have a scanner codes? price that is used in commercial purposes.

I also encountered this kind of challenges and found an innovative solution,

At first we will need for the kind of camera quality, I've a webcam 2mp experience and experiment did not work, so experiment prepared by a 5 mega pixel camera and it worked.
I have what you want to retrieve code numbers which occurred abrogated, you first filmed by mobile phone code 5 mega pixel camera and then sent by Bluetooth to Ubuntu to get this picture yet reduced in size through the property Crop program Shotwell

Then you transfer to the On Site by
Get argan following numbers 0001595642 and is signed to delete
Then you use a program EAN BARCODE v 1.80 and is a free program to generate Code Barre works via Wine program and got this code
And that I can reprint and use of new, as I read it by zbar program that runs on Linux

sudo apt-get install zbar-tools
The program works with the second picture, but unfortunately can not identify the first photo because any noise that is not pure as it should way as follows and enables you to read the Qr Code as well as all easy example:

Zbarimg-q 0000001595642. Jpg
The result
EAN-13: 0000001595642
zbarimg-q 200px-Qrcode_wikipedia_fr.jpg

We can also use the Web cam that was of high quality through
zbarcam - raw / dev/video0

Thus read any code directly via the web cam in the latter I would like to propose to you a useful site in French (Translate it) where an explanation about how these codes work and Why to choose this form