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Crash a small website with Firebug

1. You will need to download Firefox or Opera (of you choose Opera skip to number 5)

2. Open up Firefox, and go to the tool bar.. open Tools>Addons, and then go to get addons, and search: Firebug.

3. Install Firebug, and then restart Firefox.

4. Firebug should be at the bottom right corner of your browser. Now just go to the small blog and/or website of your choice.

5. Post a blog... but not just any blog.. the crash blog! What you're going to do, is... right click on the submit button, and scroll down to inspect element (click it), then you are going to find the element that says maxchar and change it, and the value to whatever the hell you want! My suggestion is that you hold down the 9 button for like 10 minutes.

6. once the maxchar has been changed... find as many of the biggest web pages on the internet, select all copy and paste them into your blog, over and over and over again.. my suggestion is that you wikipedia search cheese, and copy and paste that over and over.

7. Submit, and watch the website crash!