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Hie :)

Today We are Going to Bypass WHM Authentication of Reseller Accounts!

For This We Need Shell On The Reseller Account!! i.e Shell On Reseller's Domain!

Note 1:
For Identification of Reseller Account ! We have 2 Page in "Public_html" Dir With Name "" And ""


Note 2:
its Not Necessary Reseller Account is Hosting Domain .. It can Be Normal Site Also .. In my case Its Normal Domain
i.e which is using Open-cart CMS !!

i will teach u how to shell Open-Cart CMS in Next Tut's :)

So now
We have 1 shell on reseller Account

And Now Our Current Path Is "/home/inom/public_html/"

Now Just Go Back 1 Directory !! So Now We are Here "/home/inom/"

Now Here Make 1 File With Name ".accesshash" Which Contain U r Password "123456" . U can Change iT With Yours :)


Now Its Looks Like "/home/reseller/.accesshash"

Now Download 1 Mozilla Addon Called "Modify Headers"

Now Start Modify Header And Add 1 Hedder With Following Value :
Name : "Authorization"    Value : "WHM inom:123456"


Here "WHM" For "WHM Panel" And "inom"  In my case Its Inom is My "UserName" And "123456" is Our "Accesshash"

Now cLick oN Add Tab for Adding It ! :)

And cLick on Start Button In Modify Hedder For Starting It !

Now Just Go To the That Reseller's Domain with This Port :2086

i.e ""  In My Case Its

And U Will We In Without Any Authentication :D

For Video Lover's ! Here The Demo Of IT :)

Direct Download Link of The Video !

 Direct Downloading Link 1 : 

Direct Downloading Link 2 :

There is 1 more Method That i vl tell u in Further Tut's :)

Msg 2 My All LeeT Frnds :- Share u r knowledge Bro // Private Rakhne se Double Nahi Hoga :P

Hope U like It :)

For Any Query Or Advise Cmnt it :)