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J2TeaM Hasher version 1.0

J2TeaM Hasher <version 1.0>
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+ Aero interface, easy to use and friendly.
+ Hash your data, string to MD5 or SHA1.
+ Hash your file to MD5 or SHA1.
+ Check your file is original or not (help you make sure that the file is not modified or not include malicious code like a virus/malware/trojan...) with a MD5 (or SHA1) code provided.

 File Name: J2TeaM Hasher 1.0 Setup.exe
Product name: J2TeaM Hasher
Product version: 1.0

+ MD5: 310E4B053EA278E5EF218559FAA01789
+ SHA1: E2F664FA0A6C27EA19CDE8FF36E7D89D5F5C5A8C

The software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
License version 2 or later.

Thanks for using!