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In the depth of crisis, hacking over the INTERNET is still a very big problem. First of all I would like to throw some light on what basically hacking is and who the hackers actually are. Hackers are the persons who actually secure your system or the network are the WHITE HAT persons, the people who actually do hacking are crackers or the BLACK HAT persons. I am writing this article just to aware the people, what actually the hacking is and how they can protect themselves from hackers and their children from being exploited.

Guys I thoroughly want to tell you that there is no such kind of FACEBOOK HACKING. These are just the rumors outside these days of facebook hacker. I will come to show you live example that how these kinds of tools and websites are made just to hack you people. Now let’s begin our talk with the websites out there on the INTERNET which in bold letters say – “COME AND HACK ANY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT ONLINE IN MINUTES”. Haha what a beautiful line written over here. Then it will ask for “Enter the e-mail address you want to hack” and then they will say login in our website to check for the password. But there is nothing, then they surely will ask for some donation and whatever the username or password you will enter the same they going to apply on your facebook id with some brute force attacks. Now when you register as a new member they will send you the link on your email-id that you have provided, now let’s watch what happen.
Check my facebook and yahoo both are open at that particular time


Now what is going to happen next?
There is something we call as cookies. Actually cookies are stored in your web browser containing the username and passwords of your entire mail id. Now what Black hat’s do is, when you click on these links they take you to some place and suddenly the downloading starts up on. And you don’t actually care but what exactly happens is all you’re saved passwords with mail id gone to the person.
Now let’s see I have prepared a something as cookie grabber which grabs my cookies stored in the web browser.
Now whatever the cookies are stored in your browsers it will simply goes to the server having your file.

Now this screen shot clearly shows that the username or the e-mail Id’s are being sent to the hacker’s PC in a notepad file.


Now not only the password but the IP address -- the private IP address of your PC with the MAC address to the attacker’s PC in the form of the logs.


So far we have talked about the websites having such schemes of facebook hacking. Now let’s talk about the tools they give you to hack. What exactly they did is they bind their own key logger or some kind of RAT file behind their .exe files which you mostly people download. And then what happens is all your information containing the cookies, your history, your PC’s information or sometimes your whole PC to the attacker’s machine.
Like I have shown below:

 Now in the end I would like to tell you what exactly the hacking of facebook means. Hacking of facebook or g-mail or yahoo mail means that extracting out the database not the passwords. Yea I know that these are the columns inside any table name of the facebook’s database. So guys I humbly request you all people please get out of this rumor of facebook hacking. Those tools those websites are just meant to hack you people. 
Some of the lines in the I would like to share to warn GIRLS how they are being exploited through these social networking websites.

Also, many articles are coming in the newspapers even on the hacking news website not to upload your information on any of the social networking sites like Facebook. The Girls who actually are the victims are mostly those who upload their pictures on facebook, and the narrow minded people on the other side just copy their pictures, edit them and again upload on Facebook in order to make their facebook page attractive or making the fake accounts by that girl’s name. In order to protect yourself from being hacked and exploited you should not upload any of your information on any of the social networking site. The main question is “How actually the accounts are being compromised?” and “How crackers or the malicious persons cracked into your yahoo or the g-mail accounts? “
The answer is very simple. Its just because of weak protection that many people are unaware of what services are being provided to them. Now a days g-mail is coming with the 2-step verification protection that’s a very good protection that g-mail is providing. When you just login into your g-mail account it will ask for g-mail code to login into your account and that secret code is being sent to your cell phone by the Google itself.   Similarly, Facebook is also protected in the same way. When you fill your authentication to login into facebook it has provided a check point from where you have logged into your account and if any other person logged into your account without your permission it will immediately message to your cell phone with time. Also, after you are done with your FB account, logout your account so that cookie session also gets over. Keep updating your passwords after a week in order to keep yourself safe. Password should be like “#$%ALIVedark92@!#” (that includes characters, alphabets, numbers etc) so it will be difficult for any of the cracker to crack it.  Keep on checking your mails daily. Update your PC (personal computer) daily. Avoid downloading any software from entrusted sites that doesn’t having SSL (secures socket Layer) certificates. Always check the URL while logging into your accounts it will save you from phishing (The fake page method of hacking). Always use a third party firewall and a software like bit defender anti-virus to get protection from virus and malwares. Always install key logger into your system to keep on monitoring what actually your children are doing on the system. Key logger is basically monitoring based software that takes a snapshot of all the things that a user does on the system.
Taking some small steps and by being more careful, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the Black Hat hackers.
Thanking you in anticipation.