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Make your RAT 100% FUD just with Winrar

In this thread i am going to teach you how to make a RAT a complete FUD with the help of WINRAR. even if your target doesn't have Winrar installed.

Ok let's start.

What you need for this Tutorial:
1. A Winrar encrypted file (Your server encrypted with Winrar)
2. Portable version of Winrar.

After making your server encrypted with Winrar open Run command
and type in iexpress, iexpress wizard will start.
[Image: d1Ubr.png]

Leave it as create a new self extraction directive file and click next.

[Image: F1zSI.png]

Leave it as extract files and run an installation command click next again.

[Image: nwGfQ.png]

In next option you make your file name, type any name you wan't and click next.

[Image: dX1NH.png]

Leave it as No prompt and click next.

[Image: QbF4k.png]

Leave it as do not display a license and click next.

[Image: 8XnPj.png]

In next option you add your Winrar encrypted file and you have to add a portable version of Winrar after that click next.

[Image: eTQq1.png]

In next option add Winrar portable version to install program then add Winrar encrypted file to post install command after that click next.

[Image: uE2Gz.png]

In next option click on hidden and click next.

[Image: EhM34.png]

Leave it as no message and click next.

[Image: 3zixx.png]

In next option Browse your Winrar encrypted file and click on hide file extracting progress animation from user then click next.

[Image: J6AhJ.png]

In next option click on no restart and click next.

[Image: bGBXe.png]

In next option click Don't save and click next.

[Image: xhgQy.png]

In next option click next again.

[Image: 39bTt.png]

In next option click finish

[Image: fxLnk.png]

Ok now you have made your new file everything is done, your target will run the file and your server will run 100% even if targer doesn't have Winrar on his computer.