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Sometimes we need to browse forum to read some articles and they asks to register to view the topic
so now you can skip the process of registration.

Here are some pics of forum which asks for registration to view topic

Posted Image

This is an example forum for us now.

Here are the topic of this forum

Posted Image

When we click on any topic we see this page

Posted Image

Now lets begin!

Requirements :
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • User Agent Switcher Addon
You can install that addon from attachment.

After you install that addon you can see like this
Posted Image

Now go to
Tool > Default User Agent > User Agent Switcher > Options

Posted Image

Then Click On
New > New User Agent
You will see the following window

Posted Image

Description :
User Agent :
Googlebot/2.1 (+
Click OK

Then go

Tool > Select new user agent u can see there

Posted Image

Open new tab and browse forum
And whola

Posted Image