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How to crack cPanels

Hello guys this is AV.. Today i'll show you the two ways to crack cpanel

What we will need for this?

1. shelled website

2. the shelled website should be symlink enableled.

Lets start XD

Method 1

First create two folder's.. Im creating abc & xyz

Now i will upload the files to do symlink and do the symlink

Give 0755 permission to and run it and put etc/passwd in that

ok after this will get all the config's now you are done with symlinking the server

Now go the second folder we created and upload B_F.php

and place tour symlink folder link in that

And then click on start

And you have you cpanels's :)

Method 2

In this you need to install python in you pc

Download the script..

we have to run it in cmd.. Before that go to c drive and create a folder with name a

how to run the script?

Open cmd navigate to the directory where you have placed the script

Then type will be our symlinked folder link) c:\a ( this is where it will be saved

and then press enter. It will start its work

It will give you a passwords copy them all

Now upload a cpanel bruter

paste all the passwords in pass area

For user's go to shell and give command

ls /var/mail

and you will get all usernames paste it in user's area

And click on start

It will give you the results

You can default pass list or pass list you have in cpanel bruter pass area..


Method 1 Download

Method 2 Download

Cpanel Bruter Download

Hope you liked the tut and learned some thing

Happy Hacking

Note:- Only for educational purpose