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TOP 5 PHP Shells of 2012

1- b374km1n1 Modified by Newbie3viLc063s v.2012
mostly hackers used b374k shell for defacing and other works, here is latest version of  b374k m1n1, re coded by Newbie3viLc063 hackers.

New fuctions in this shell :
TOP 5 PHP Shells of 2012 | Juno_okyo's Blog
  • OpenDIR 
  • Symlink
  • SQLI Scan 
  • Website Whois 
  • Port-Scanner 
  • WP Reset 
  • Jomlaa Reset 
  • CMS Scanner 
  • VB Changer 
  • String Encoder 
  • SQL Backup 
  • WHMCS Decoder 
  • Security Mode
  •  Process
2- Sym 2.0 (auto symlink shell)
Manual Symlink takes a lot of time in finding platform of website and Configuration files, so we use sym 2.0 for auto symlink, 
in this shell you can check website's url and thier Configuration by single click

3- WSO shell
TOP 5 PHP Shells of 2012 | Juno_okyo's Blog 
wso is one of the Most Pouplar shelles used by hackers, this shell having Good Interface and fuctions 

4- 404 Not found Shell 

404 shell is a Modified version of wso shell, sometimes after upload your shell some guys find it using scanners and they use your shells, and shells also can be find with google dorks,so we use this undetectable and password protected shell, its will show to a 404 page if someone else will acess it, to login in this shell press tab. 

5-Madspot Shell
TOP 5 PHP Shells of 2012 | Juno_okyo's Blog 
Madshpot shell is coded by MadSpot Security Team, Madspot shell's interface is also Good, and having Latest Features too.