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CK Hash Cracker

CK Hash Cracker | Juno_okyo's Blog

CK_HASH_CRACKER VERSION 3.0 Download Link: Click Here

__Change Log__
Hash Identifier Modified
Online Database Checker Bug Fixed And Works Faster
Offline Database Search Engine Modified
Rainbow Table Algorithm Added

How To Add Additional Database Release?

After Installation with the Default Settings, A Folder Named CK_Hash_Cracker Verion 3.0 will be Created in Root Directory/Program Files, which is mostly C: Drive, So that path will Be C:\Program Files\CK_Hash_Cracker-Version 3.0; under This Folder There Are Two Folders Named "Brute" And "DatabaseConnector"

Files Under "Brute" Folder Is Used For BruteForcing, Make Sure If You Place Additional WordList, You Do Not Have Duplicate Words, Otherwise It will just increase the Time. You Can Place Files With Any Name Under This Folder, It Will Work Fine, until the Files Are in Readable Format

Files Under "DatabaseConnector" Are The Offline Database, So For Any Database Releases, After Downloading Databases, Put The Files Under "DatabaseConnector" Folder And Thats It, The Tool Will Automatically Upgrade The Database.

Its Has A Self-Installer, So To Install, Just Run The Setup file. To Uninstall, You Can Remove It From Control Panel Or From The Self Uninstaller.

If You Get Error At Run-Time, Probably You Do Not Have The Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Installed, The Application doesn't need Python To Run, But It Needs The Run-Time Components. You Get The Download Packages From Here:

For Windows 32 bit: Click Here

For Windows 64 bit: Click Here

And Then Try Running The Application.
CK_Hash_Cracker (Version 3.0) Download Link: Click Here