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403 Forbidden and cant read /etc/named.conf Error Bypass

This Tut has been submitted by Sen Haxor

Now days most of the 2012 Linux Kernel server show this error when you try to symlink the server . Most of the server which shows 403 forbidden has cant read named.config error when you try to symlink using scripts like Symlink_Sa or Madspot Security Team Shell or what ever script used for Automated Symlink .

403 Forbidden and cant read /etc/named.conf Error Bypass | Juno_okyo's Blog

This can be bypassed by Reading /ect/passwd and Symlink_Sa 3.0 can be used to bypass this .

I will be posting the download link of some shells i will be using in this tutorial

Best Script which can bypass cant read /ect/named.conf are :

1. Config Fucker By Web Root Hack Tools. ( Mass Symlink Config files )
2. Config Killer By Team Indishell . ( Mass Symlink Config file php based script )
3. Symlink Pain [~] ( Perl Script to Mass Symlink Config files )
4. Symlink_Sa 3.0 Automated Symlink Script .

Usage : Config Fucker , Con fig Killer and Symlink Pain [~] Perl script just upload them on to the server make sure that you create a new directory . Upload the scirpt and use the command cat /ect/passwd to read all /ect/passwd from the server and copy them and just open your script and paste it there and click on Get Config and Your Done . Just open the link of the folder you created eg . you need to open and all config files will be there 

Note : Its better to create a php.ini file before you do this for 100 % Result 

All 4 shells i have mentioned i will post the download link 

And i will be using a another private shell for this which i wont be giving you all for Priv8 Issue its Mannu Shell Coded by Team Indishell Which can bypass cant read /ect/named.conf error easily . But 403 Forbidden Server cant be bypassed using this shell .

So now if we cant to symlink to the Public_html/ of the website we can use Symlink_sa 3.0 script Symlink Bypass Option -

403 Forbidden and cant read /etc/named.conf Error Bypass | Juno_okyo's Blog

So now that we can easily Symlink to /Public_html/ path of each website 

Now some server show 403 forbidden Error when you try to Symlink them so now lets see how to by pass this shit 

For 403 Forbidden Error i will be Using the Following Shells :

1. Dhanush Shell Coded By Arjun . ( This shell automitically creates .htaccess , php.ini and ini.php files after you login )
2. Mannu Shell by Team Indishell Private ! .
3. Symlink_sa 3.0 Script

I will be posting the download link of Dhanush shell and Symlink _sa 3.0 ( Mannu shell is private as i already told )

So what is the trick that makes us bypass 403 Forbidden , Its just the .htaccess and php.ini which contains the following code :


<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off


echo ini_get("safe_mode");
echo ini_get("open_basedir");
echo ini_get("safe_mode");
echo ini_get("open_basedir");

1.) 403 Forbidden Error :

Posted Image
2.) Open Dhanush Shell which automatically creates .htaccess , php.ini and ini.php .
Posted Image

3.) Mannu shell to Check if we Bypassed 403 Error :

Posted Image

4.) Bypassed 403 Forbidden and Access to Public_html/ Path

Posted Image
Bypassed can't read /ect/named.conf and 403 forbidden Error 

Here Download Link of all shell and script i used : 

Greetz : CyberAce Legion Who made me make this Tut and Team Indishell and all Indian Hackers .

Regards Sen Haxor