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[Tutorial] Setting Up Ancient Booter

Hello guys today ill show you how to setup Web based Shell Booter Ancient Booter
Things you'll need for this
1st. Cpanel
2nd. Ancient Booter Download
3rd Brain XD
Login in to your cpanel and go to sub domain and click on it
Now create the sub domain
Sub domain created

Now go to MySQL Database

Now create the Database

Now add user
Click on Add User to Database
Once you click on add you will see this click on All Privileges and Making Changes

Go to phpMyAdmin
Click on your database name
Click on Import
Extract Ancient Booter file downloaded
In that you will see dbprepare.sql in sql file inside folder upload it

Now go to the file manager and upload the zip file

Now Extract our uploaded zip file

Now Click on dbc.php and edit it the db details we made earlier and save it
Now got the index page of our booter and click on register an account
Now fill in the details and click on register you will see this
Now go back to cpanel and click on phpMyAdmin

Click on our database
And then click on users and click on edit
Set user_level value to 5
Set approved value to 1 and click on GO

Now login with you registered username & pass
go to Admin CP there you will see a line
"To add shells click here" click their and add shells and DDOS this is a shell booter it uses shell to ddos isntead of bot victim
Same way other booter can also be setup
Hope you like the tut for any suggestion or problenm fell free to comment