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Hack Yahoo Accounts easily, 2012

Hack Yahoo Accounts easily, 2012 | Juno_okyo's Blog

1. Download the required Cookie Stealer Script from here
2. Sign Up for an account at any free web hosting site.I have chosen

    Some other free web hosting sites are :
3. Now login to your account and go to file manager and upload the four files that you have just downloaded. And also make a new directory named 'cookies'.

4. Now give this code to slave to run in his browser when he would be logged in to his yahoo account.


Here is Yahoo.php basically a cookie stealing script and hacked.php executes the stolen cookies in browser.Stolen cookies get stored in directory 'cookies'.When the slave runs the code in his browser, he would again redirect to his yahoo account.

5. Now open the hacked.php.
    Url would be:

   And enter the password (Default password is Hacker_012)

6. Now you must have got the username of slave's account. Simply Click on it and it would take you to inbox of slave's yahoo account without asking for any password.Now it doesn't matter if slave signs out from his account, you would remain logged into it.

Note: You can try this attack by using two browsers. Sign in into yahoo account in one browser and run the code. Then sign in through other browser using stolen session.

Thus, now you can
hack Yahoo Account Password
using this Cookies Stealing And Session Hijacking Technique. If you have any problem in using this Cookies Stealing And Session Hijacking Script to hack Yahoo Account Password, mention it in comments section.