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Tool Name: Ck_pyShell
Ck_pyShell | Juno_okyo's Blog

Version: 1.1
Release: Beta
A Multipurpose Tool For Pen-Testing Coded With Python. Uses Various User Agents To Fuzz The Requesting URL for All Purpose. Can Detect Proxy Settings and connect via Proxy Automatically If Any Found! Version 1.1 Has Added Features, Supports Tab Completion Of Commands and More Utilities Programmed.

'color' command has been removed as it does not work with Windows OS Properly

Any Windows OS


1. SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner
2. XSS Vulnerability Scanner
3. Hash Making and Cracking
4. Admin Login Page Finder
5. Port Scanner
6. LAN DoS Attacker
7. Ping Utility
8. FTP Login Bruteforce
9. Network Scanner For Live Hosts
10. TCP/UDP Flooder
11. BlindSQL Injector [This is Still Being Coded, This Release Can get the Tables And Columns And Database Version]


For "Help" Type Help From The Main Prompt

Download Link: Click Here