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vBulletin 4.1.3pl3 / 4.1.4pl3 / 4.1.5pl1 Cross Site Scripting

*Advisory Information*

Title: vBulletin Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Date published: 02-08-2011

Vendors contacted: vBulletin team

*Vulnerability Information*

Class: XSS flaw

Vulnerable page: Admin Login Page (admincp)

Remotely Exploitable: Yes

Locally Exploitable: No

*Vulnerability Description*

vBulletin is a community forum solution for a wide range of users,
including industry leading companies. A XSS vulnerability has been discovered
that could allow an attacker to carry out an action impersonating a legal user,
or to obtain access to a user's account.

This flaw allows unauthorized disclosure and modification of information,
and it allows disruption of service.

*Vulnerable versions*

4.1.3pl3, 4.1.4pl3 & 4.1.5pl1

*Non-vulnerable Packages*

. vBulletin prior to 4.1.3

*Vendor Information, Solutions and Workarounds*

vBulletin team has released patches for this flaw and patch is released on


This vulnerability was discovered by Muhammad Haroon from Innovative
Solutions KSA. OWASP Chapter Lead of Pakistan. haroon [at] live [dot] it

*Proof of Concept Code*

This is a Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability within vBulletin
community forum solution. In order to exploit this flaw following vector would
be used."><script>alert('Xss_found_By_M.Haroon')</script>

*Report Timeline*

30-07-2011: Notifies the vBulletin team about the vulnerability.

31-07-2011: vBulletin Team ask for technical description about the flaw

31-07-2011: Technical Details sent to vbulletin team

02-08-2011: vBulletin notifies that a fix has been produced and is
available to the users on 2nd August 2011

03-08-2011: Vulnerability publicly disclosed.