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Installing BackTrack 5 r2 and r3 Live On USB

Hello, Today i am going to Teach you, How to Install backtrack 5 r2 and r3 Live on USB. backtrack 5 r3 also have same process. No Difference at All but in this tutorial i will use r2.  So the question came in most of yours minds and why USB. It is Quit Simple because it is portable, it work better than CD. CD got scratch and got bigger size than USB so in every manner USB win. :P

I make youtube video of live demonstration of installing backtrack on USB. Following are things you will need.

You can download backtrack .iso form backtrack official site. Chose backtrack version, GNOME, 32bit work well and you can direct download form IDM or any other downloaded or you can also use torrent to download it.

2nd thing you need is UNetbootin. This is the software used to make live USB of backtrack. You can download  UNetbootin form the link below.
Full Vedio Tutorial of Installing
Plug, Hack & Enjoy!