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[TuT] DarkComet setup v5.3.1 [TuT] + Pics + Port Forward

Hello guys, This is my first Thread/TuT today i am going to show you how to
Setup Darkcomet and Port Forward ! I hope all you guys will enjoy!

How to do it?? Only look on my simple steps with picture !

Let's Go !

Step1. You can't find the download link at the official website ! Here you go the download link ! Last version of Darkcomet (5.3.1):

Now go to create a DNS/Host manage, should look like this
[Image: 0knXi.png]

After you created open Darkcomet and listen to port 1604.

Should look like this !: [Image: TtyqV.png]

And click to DarkComet-RAT < Server module < Expert.

Ignore security Pass:

Click 5 times on random under security pass: (Mutex)


Go to Network settings and add your port and DNS.

After you writed your DNS and Port go direct to stub finalization.

And build the stub!

Give it a name. Succesfully done Darkcomet!!

Screenshot ! [Image: 2yFZF.png]

Ok first login into your router Screenshot-->

Now it´s time to Portforwarding

If you dont know how to find ur Local IP, Go < start < cmd < and then type ipconfig, scroll a little bit up
and you'll like this

[Image: zM6Kq.png]

Write Default Gate way down on your browser and log in to ur Router.

If you dont know the password to your router you can take a look here:

[Image: iTinf.png]

Go to and check your port

If it's like this [Image: JuRxK.png]

You have been completed !

Screenshot---->! [Image: SAhVv.png]

Succesfully Finished Tutorial!

Thanks to: Perker

Helped me alot !

King regards,