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Batch Virus Maker 2012 by an05

Batch Virus Maker

Batch Virus Maker 2012 by an05
Hi all users as the title tells the story that this is a batch virus maker that creates the virus of your desire. 

When anyone talks about virus we simply get afraid, isn't it ? your answer may be vary. Let it be, as you might know that in olden days virus is like a hoax, and creating this is like a impossible thing for newbies, but as the security increased the virus's makers are also upgraded theirselves and developed better ways to infect, compromise and crash the system for their own deeds , but now a day's creating a virus isn't a big task and it's no require more technical skills as olden day, because there are many GUI programs are developed out there which helps them to create a virus of their desire within few minutes and by few clicks . 

Today I want to share a "batch virus maker" created by "an05" with you, which is based on batch method and able to hack/crash/prank your slave's system. Below is some screenshots of this program. I think you will no need a tutorial for using this because it's very simple to use, just select the desire tab and choose the option you want and finally click on build button to generate the virus, that's all.

Credit : an05
Download here

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