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MadSpot Security Team Shell V 1.0

This is our first release to so many more program's yet to come and released on MadSpot.Net.

I am very fortunate to release the Php Backdoor created by Our Team Member, Mr Ikram Ali,
I would like to say, he has done an amazing job, He made it very useful for penetration testers to penetrate there servers for multiples ways of vulnerabilities. He made the Backdoor with multiple functions.
I would like to congratulate Mr Ikram Ali for his wonderful coding and design for the MadSpot Security Team Shell.
There are multiple functions in this Php Shell including to work  both on Windows and Linux servers.
We highly hope that our users like it and please Join us on Our Facebook Page.
We need new ideas from users, We want you to let us know what kind of tools and help they needed from us.
We will try our best to guide you and help you for all kind of users from average to advanced users relating to penetration testing and programing.
We are group of very small Programers and Security Experts from Pakistan.
Please download the shell from the link below:-
We added some cool wallpapers of MadSpot.Net in it also.
Have fun and best of Luck.
Download Link:-  Click here to download from
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