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Shelling vBulletin 4.0.x – 3.X.X (XML Shell)

Name : Shelling vBulletin aLL Versions [4.x & 3.X]
Author: TinKode @ Date: 07.06.2010 Shoutz: daemien, Sirgod, Puscas_Marin, Sony, HrN, vilches, Zack, excess, and all ISR staff!
Step 1: First,you must login on [AdminCP], and select [Download / Upload Styles] from [Styles & Templates].
Step 2: Now, browse the .XML file, select [Ignore Style Version - YES], and after click [Import].
Step 3: Back to [Style Manager], and click on the uploaded style [ex: insecurity.xml], and you can see your shell.
Save this code as: insecurity.xml Link:
Note: You need the password to can access the shell! Password: ISR That it’s all!