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How to: Dos a site using CMD

First u go to Start > Run > Cmd Type for expample Ping after u did that u will see its ip:


Then u do the same thing but then with the ip but then a lil bit diffrent cuz u type for example
ping 85.344.2.12 -t -l 65500 (the -t -l 65500 are always the shit u need to type to hack it dont try something diffrent)

This should take some hours but the best thign u should do is ask your friend to also do it so with like 10 ppl u will be done in no time alone like 5 – 4 hours if u did it good it should look like thisi hope u will do it good and if your doing it on the last part if it keeps to say time out shit over and over like 1000 times then stop u failed (this shizzle doesnt work on evry site have fun) it should say like atleast if it doesnt say time out over and over after u did the -t -l 65500 blah blah just ur doing it good if it doesnt say time out at project or something all the time if it says something diffrent keep your work up let it take time it might even take 10 hours if its a big site.