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Find config Setup Forum FAQ Up Shell

Find Config:
When conducting local forum usually located in the config:
When it changes, we conducted ljnk config.php view from the index.php file it does point to the file view the file
Index.php> global.php> .... > / Includes / config.php
After the database information and then we lift / gain admin
Setup Protection Forum If Being Blocked directories:
If on:
/ admincp folder is protect by. htaccess
Then download a code forum along with the victim Version, conduct normal setup, then copy code & Yahoo forum run by victim config.php put your config.php
Web Run:
With its user admin pass was seized
Due to local> ip server with> it config.php with database information was created on the server or not DC. So we will load into the / admincp its load = / admincp our
UPshell FAQ:
/ admincp
> Plugins> Add New Plugin
Product: Vbulletin
Hook Location: faq_complete
Title: Remember what is also
Plugin PHP Code: Code of a child shell
Running: h